Portrait of Jeanette Obbink

About the Artist


Born in Holland in 1960, Jeanette discovered the passion to paint after leaving high school while working as a Delft Blue Pottery painter. Working with paint, brushes, and colour felt natural. She subsequently obtained a BA in Fine Art and Textiles in 1983, left Holland for England in 1989 and moved to Canada with her young family in 1997. She has worked as a teacher, graphic designer and art director but her passion to paint is as strong as ever.

Jeanette’s work focuses on land- and waterscapes and she will often start (and sometimes finish) a piece painting plein air. Having worked with watercolours, acrylics and even the computer as a painting tool, she now works primarily in oils. 

Jeanette teaches art in her studio, or gives workshops through other organizations and has been involved in various group shows as well as solo exhibitions. Many of her paintings have found their way into private and permanent collections.

“As predominantly a landscape artist, I paint what catches my attention, and that can be something that takes my breath away, or something that provides the opposite – a place to catch my breath, and of course, they often coincide.”

"Painting the often overlooked, but yet spectacular beauty of Creation, lifts the ordinary and makes it a focal point for those that passed it by. In doing so, I aim for the viewer to appreciate what I saw, and have that same moment of catching up, breathing in, breathing out, letting go and recharging… When people look at my landscapes, I hope they can feel the breeze I felt, the stifling heat, or experience that musty smell or chill of that early autumn day…”