Full Day Workshop

Location: Glenhyrst, Brantford ON


Classes are on zoom so you can follow along from the comfort of your home. During the morning I will demo and teach on the subject matter - you can just watch or draw/paint along. The afternoon is you at work, you can email me with your ongoing work and, using online tools, I will comment and help you along where and when you might need some guidance.

Saturday Jan 29
Drawing with line and shape - how to show 3 dimensions in 2. Although we will use a still life for the class, this is applicable to landscape as well.

Saturday Feb 12
Perspective - the urban landscape often requires the understanding of perspective. We’ll break it down so it becomes something to celebrate vs. something to fear.

Saturday Mar 19
Colour - the basics of colour. Why is a colour wheel helpful, how to mix colours, warm vs. cool colours, colour perspective, light & shadow and colour, prismatic colours in a landscape and more.

“I am regularly teaching classes or 1 day workshops at Glenhyrst in Brantford, at the Artist Worshop Norfolk County in Simcoe and the Brush and Palette Club in London. Feel free to email me for more information.


Registration for classes and workshops are run through Glenhyrst. For more information about pricing and to register please contact Glenhyrst.